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Action Figures

Action Figures

12" Action Figures & Scaled Helmet Replicas
New from Gentle Giant this year are the 12" vintage style Star Wars action figures. These collectible figures are on vintage style cardbacks and come in a plastic protective package. Gentle Giant also produces a line of scaled replica helmets.
12" G.I. Joe
We carry the full line of 12" G.I. Joe figures produced by Sideshow Collectibles. Each highly detailed figure comes with lots of accessories, switch-out parts, and a stand.
12" Star Wars Figures & Environments
Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys have combined to create a line of 12" Star Wars Action Figures. The figures have features such as switch-out hands, feet, & heads. Each figure comes with a stand and accessories. Star Wars Environments are also available.
3 3/4" Marvel Universe Action Figures
Build your own Marvel superhero team with the 3 3/4" line of Marvel Universe action figures by Hasbro. Figures are sold in multi-packs, comic book packs w/2 figures, and single carded. Be on the lookout for the new 16" Sentinel this summer!
Aliens Action Figures
We carry 7" and 18" Aliens action figures by NECA. Both sizes of figures have many points of articulation.
Battlestar Galactica Action Figures
We carry 6" action figures for the modern Battlestar Galactica TV series. We also have limited quantities of figures signed by the actors.
DC Comics
Hot Toys produces limited edition figures and busts for various DC Comics Movie properties.
DC Comics Action Figures
Mattel produces action figures for the Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon series, the Green Lantern movie, as well as the DC Universe of comic book characters. The Green Lantern movie figures are 3 3/4" and the movie masters line is a 6" line in which each figure contains a piece to build the Paralax figure. The DC Universe action figures are an ongoing series featuring mainstream and obscure characters from the comic books. Each assortment has a build-a-figure, in which every character in the series comes with a part to build it.
DC Direct Action Figures
DC Direct is a DC Comics company that produces action figures based on their cartoons and comic story arcs. The action figures are not as articulated as the Mattel produced figures, but usually have more detail and different paint applications as they are marketed towards collectors.
DC Unlimited Action Figures
DC Direct does not only produce superhero action figures, but also figures based on video game properties. DC Unlimited figures that are currently being produced are: Warcraft, Killzone, Starcraft, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword, God of War, Twisted Metal, and more!

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